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Struggling With Alcohol? Medication May be Able to Help

Pills can help some people quit — or curb — their drinking



Time Outdoors Might Lower the Use of Certain Medications

This is how long you should spend in nature each day to boost your well-being

Many Victims Struggle With Mental Health in Scams’ Aftermath

Experiencing fraud can often be both financially and emotionally devastating

How COVID Affects Mental Health of Older Adults

Why older adults are susceptible

What to Do When Insomnia Makes You Afraid of Sleep

Here are 5 expert tips to reduce the stress

Could Drinking Be Fueling Your Depression?

Anxiety and depression are more common among people with heavy drinking habits

What Is Mindfulness? And Why It Might Make You Happier

Focusing on the present can help quiet anxiety

13 Free or Low-Cost Ways You Can Cope With Loneliness

Social connections are key to health, happiness


Perimenopausal Women May Be at Risk for Depression

Midlife mental health problems can be sudden and easily misdiagnosed

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression

Who's at risk, common symptoms, and how to get help and ease the pain

This Is What Depression Can Feel Like

Five middle-aged adults describe their symptoms and how they’ve learned to cope

Other Conditions

6 Things to Know About Bipolar Disorder

Millions of adults in the U.S. have this mental illness, but it's often misunderstood

This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like

6 people share their stories of their symptoms and how they've learned to cope

ADHD in Older Adults: Diagnosis and Treatment

If memory and focus problems are plaguing you at midlife, here's how to tell if it's undiagnosed ADHD

What to Know About Social Anxiety Disorder

It's more than just shyness. Find out the symptoms, causes and treatments for this common condition

How to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Tips for passengers as air travel returns


Older Adults Struggle to Find Affordable Mental Health Care

New report says Medicare is insufficient coverage

Can Talk Therapy Help You Sleep Better?

Addressing the reasons behind insomnia

Family Caregiving

Assessing an Older Adult's Psychological Needs

Be alert to persistent irritability, low energy, sleeplessness and other signs of depression

How to Manage Aging Adults With Personality Disorders

Strategies include staying calm during outbursts and balancing loyalty with limits

The Suicide Crisis Among Military Family Caregivers

Acknowledging and addressing the problem is the first step in stemming the rise of cases

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