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Americans Hit With More Than 50.3 Billion Robocalls in 2022

The federal government is targeting services that allow illegal calls to reach U.S. consumers from overseas


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Chatbots and Voice-Cloning Fuel Rise in AI-Powered Scams

Cybercrime experts warn that new tech offers scammers frighteningly effective tools

13 Ways to Protect Yourself From Fraud

Learn how to lower your risk and keep criminals at bay

Searching for a Job Online? Scammers Are Targeting You

Crooks pose as employers, but they’re out to steal your money

Scam Alerts

14 Top Scams to Watch Out for in 2023

Criminals are quick to exploit current events and add new twists to well-known ruses

5 Tips to Tell if What You See on Twitter is Real

Since Elon Musk removed free blue verification check marks, you need to be a detective

Americans Lost Record-Breaking $8.8 Billion to Scams

In 2022 the cost of investment schemes, impostor scams and other fraud skyrocketed

Money Can Be Stolen From Your Bank Account

Customers need to be vigilant as thefts from personal accounts become more common

Beware of ‘Do Me a Favor’ Scam Messages

An increasingly common scheme involves impostors claiming to need help buying gift cards

10 Things to Know About Cryptocurrency Scams

Consumers reported losing $1.4 billion in 2022 to schemes involving crypto

Why You Should Think Twice Before Taking an Online Quiz

Your answers to ‘fun’ personal questions can help criminals steal your identity

Mail Theft, Check Washing on the Rise, USPS Warns

Learn how to keep your payments safe as thieves grow more brazen

Fraud Fighting

10 Worst Things to Carry in Your Wallet

With identity theft rampant, keep only the essentials in your pocket or purse

5 Ways to Build Better Passwords

Be creative, change them regularly and store them safely

How Timeshare Exit Scams Work and How to Avoid Them

Scammers pretend to help owners get out of their contracts while taking their cash

7 Tactics Criminals Use to Perpetrate Fraud

Scammers have learned how to manipulate people’s emotions and take advantage of their trust in others

Fraud Fighters Are Working to Keep Scam 'Epidemic' at Bay

Government agencies and others are seeking solutions as the crime wave continues

How, Why and When to Check (or Freeze) Your Credit Score

Monitoring your creditworthiness is key for tracking your financial health and spotting fraud

How to Avoid Magazine Subscription Scams

Older Americans in every state have been targets for deceptive sales pitches

Help Your Teen Avoid Online Scams and Identity Theft

Criminals are targeting kids with fake shopping sites, scholarship offers, sextortion and more

Quiz: Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

From avoiding malware to creating strong passwords, test out your fraud-prevention savvy

Victim Support

AARP's Fraud Watch Network Helpline Is Fighting for You

Volunteers provide emotional support and practical advice to scam victims

Many Scam Victims Struggle With Mental Health

Experiencing fraud can often be both financially and emotionally devastating

Elder Fraud

5 Ways to Prevent Elder Financial Exploitation

Steps to help protect loved ones from theft

Tech Tools to Help Guard Against Elder Financial Abuse

Websites and firms that can flag suspicious behavior

The Legal Consequences of Elder Fraud Can Be Steep

Scams are on the rise, but here are ways to fight back

More on Fraud

Former NASA Engineer Gets Even With Scammers

Mark Rober discusses the 'glitterbomb package' and other creative ways he gets back at fraudsters

Con Artists Stole Over $400M from Military Community

Veterans likely among the most targeted group in the country

9 Must-Listen Podcasts About Scams and Con Artists

Find eye-opening true-crime stories and tips for avoiding fraud




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