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How to Claim Your Share of a $725 Million Facebook Settlement

Anyone in U.S. who has used the social media site over 15 years is eligible


Artificial Intelligence and You

10 ChatGPT Questions Answered: Experts Weigh In

AI powers bot finds answers in a second

Chatbots and Voice-Cloning Fuel Rise in AI-Powered Scams

Cybercrime experts warn of new scammer tech

5 Ways Tech Tools Can Help You Get Hired After 50

AI can help with your resume, cover letter

6 Ways AI Can Improve Veterans' Lives

AI is providing better medical outcomes for veterans

6 Innovations to Help People Live Better as They Age

AI among innovations fostering independence, safety

Can Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Age Bias?

Companies think AI can help stop discrimination




Free Online Classes

Senior Planet from AARP

Free online classes in English, Spanish and Chinese can help you learn more about technology and connect with others for exercising or socializing.

AARP Virtual Community Center

Free interactive classes and events are designed to help you try something new, learn new skills and have a little fun while doing it.


Social Impact

Older Social Media Influencers Search for Next TikTok

App with Chinese faces concerns about data privacy

Has Someone Snatched Your Identity on Social Media?

How to report an impostor on 5 major platforms

'Grandfluencers' Find Stardom on TikTok and Instagram

Young fans seek funny, wise and hip older adults

Improve Your Life With Tech

Online Classes Can Expand Your Mind, Job Prospects

Learn at your pace with on-demand courses

7 Ways New Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

These products can help solve your problems

11 Tips to Manage and Avoid Unwanted Subscriptions

FCC proposes new guidelines for subscriptions


Keep Yourself Secure Online

You Can Build a Better Password With These 5 Steps

Creativity helps without a password manager

T-Mobile Breach Is Reminder to Practice Cybersecurity

Personal info on ‘dark web,’ fuels financial fraud

What to Know About Logging in with Facebook or Google

Balance the convenience with the security


How to Spot Fake Reviews Before You Buy Online

A little diligence on your part goes a long way

Is Your Smart Home Spying on You and Your Family?

Your gadgets and gear may be listening

Here are the 7 Top Scams You Should Watch Out for in 2023

Crooks are quick to exploit current events


Your Membership


Today's Hot Deals


Your Smartphone




Your Privacy

Your Phone Knows Where You've Been, How to Find You

Reduce ways your devices can track your location

Passkeys Poised to Be the New Way to Log Into Apps, Sites

Firms look for ways to stop insecure passwords



Your Internet Connection





3 Free Technology Fix-It ‘Miracles’ and Why They Work

Slow device? Try these cures before going for repairs

Make Your PC or Macintosh Computer Easier on Your Eyes

Learn the many ways to change your display settings

Try These Tips, Tricks for Your Favorite Email Platform

Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and Mac mail made easier




5 Tips to Take Better Family Photos With Your Smartphone

Some chairs and a stack of books are all you need

5 Tips for Making Check Deposits Via Mobile Phone

Skip trips to bank and post office when you're busy

iPhone Settings to Help You See and Hear Better

These are features already on your device


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What Do You Know About the Price of Free Apps, Privacy?

Take this quiz to find out and earn points

How Much Do You Know About Your Smartphone?

Most people use this pocket-sized device daily



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